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How is the chaos and disorganization in your life IMPACTING you and your business? Are you losing dollars? Are you losing sleep? What about potential clients? Do you feel defeated at the end of the day instead of successful? Do you struggle every morning to get yourself to work, only to enter a continuation of the same day you left the night before?

Whether you’re an entrepreneur just starting out, a seasoned business owner, or the member of any team in an organization, basic productivity skills and tools are not only paramount for hitting your goals but actually getting what you want out of your daily work and your life is really what it’s all about.

My process is to take you on a journey over time as we convert self-defeating, ineffective daily habits into massively productive, efficient ways of working so that at the end of our work together, the new, transformed you is UNRECOGNIZABLE. This happens through training, implementing, and on-going accountability coaching to ensure these new tools are working and have replaced old habits. After all, “it’s one thing to love what you do, and another to LOVE THE WAY YOU DO IT.” Here are some of the ways we can work together:

VIP Executive Launches

Half & full days available.

1:1 Implementation to set up all productivity systems in your office. Includes 3 months (2x per month) accountability follow-up coaching call to ensure new habits replace old and ineffective ones over time. Learn more

Harness the Power of Productivity — In-office Workshop

This in-office workshop can be tailored to your staffs’ needs and is available in 1, 2, or 3-hour sessions. (Workshops are CLE approved for 3 general credits for the legal profession in Georgia.) Learn More

Systematize Your Way to Success — Virtual Group Training

This is a virtual Zoom platform 6-month Group training that covers all 8 productivity modules over time, with homework assignments and handouts for each session. Learn More

Systematize Your Way to Success — 1:1Training

For those that need (and prefer) One-On-One training, this 6-month individualized program takes you from total chaos to ultimate clarity in your business and your life. Learn More

 From Stage to Sales

If you’re ready to catapult your business FAST, and you love speaking about how you can help people, this 6-month program will equip you with all that you need to grow your business from a speaking platform. Learn More

What People Are Saying . . .

What an experience. Your energy is contagious. I loved, loved, loved our time together. You are truly an inspiration! My space is delightful and I am working the system. I feel calmer, more productive, and happier in my office. I have already shared your name with several individuals and will continue to talk about the good work you do.

Thanks again Wendy—I am forever grateful that our paths have crossed; you are a true talent.

Jaclyn Bradley

Founder / Owner, The JaHannah Group

My desk is clean—no more screaming piles. I have been your biggest salesperson lately. Linda Smith came by yesterday and commented on how my desk was “still” clean, and I told her it would always be clean because I now have a system that works. The capture cards are an excellent replacement for the to-do list.

It has been nice having a common system for our leadership team to improve our effectiveness. If you are ever in the area, please stop by and see my desk—it is real wood!

Shaun Callahan

President, Swagelok

I was a typical type-A organizational drill sergeant but still felt completely out of control and behind the eight ball. Wendy’s class changed my life drastically because she forced me to recognize that good intentions and gadgets were not going to get me in control, but rather great habits and a simple system were the key.

I cannot tell you how efficient and less stressful my days are since implementing Wendy’s systems.

Anna Kathryn Robinson

Smith Barney

Wendy’s class, which consisted of an interesting assortment of professionals, got me started. I read her book on a short flight to Florida. I began to implement the systems on my own. When I reached snags in my efforts, I set those aside for Wendy.

Wendy spent about 3 hours in my office helping me finalize the system. She was polished, professional, efficient and encouraging—always encouraging! I highly recommend Wendy to anyone of you who has more than a few things to organize.

Tina Williams McKeon

Kilpatrick Townsend

Happy Clients . . .