As I further my travels helping people get “unstuck” in their workplace, or should I say in their LIVES, I am always amazed at the people I connect with and the stories they have. Yes, everyone has a story, and if we take time to listen, what is most revealing is how desperate we all are to get on with the business of living our passionate, authentic lives.

A few years ago, I traveled to LA to work with a friend’s sister. We had never met but had spoken on the phone a few times prior to my visit, and I agreed to come out to help her create an environment that would function in a way that served her well. While we both had high hopes, we never anticipated this week-long experience far exceeding both of our expectations!

It should be no surprise that I am totally committed to helping people change the way they live in their environment to get the life they want. If I can share my natural ability for living a stress-free, productive, organized, passionate life with those in need of the same, I am happy and fulfilled. If what I do can pave the way for my clients to do the same –to get “unstuck”, take the leap towards living their passion and thus creating the life they want for themselves – then I have made a professional and personal connection far deeper and meaningful than I ever imagined. And it’s those connections that drive me to keep “changing the world, one disorganized person at a time.”

So here’s what happened on this trip (in a nutshell)… Tammi realizes the way she is living is not serving her well but does not have the tools to change the unproductive patterns. I have those tools and present them to Tammi. Together, we create a physical space where she can find what she is looking for and where everything that she chooses to keep HAS A PERMANENT HOME. Then we set up a system for processing every incoming email AS IT COMES IN, and again, each has to be moved to their PERMANENT HOME, AND THE INBOX ISN’T AN OPTION! Then once she is set up with systems for living her life differently, the results start to reveal themselves…no stress over where things are, less chaos and more order in her environment, places for everything to live, control over her incoming items, and a renewed sense of peace of mind. And if that isn’t rewarding enough, this entire transformational experience validated for Tammi that what she does for a living REALLY isn’t serving her well, and with a newborn sense of confidence and commitment to her passion – she “leaps”, puts in her resignation and embarks on a journey fit for a woman with a vision!

(Stay tuned for details of that new vision in Part II coming next week).