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5 Strategies for Being Productive Instead of Just Busy

Thirty-plus years ago when I started out in the work world as an administrative assistant in Atlanta, I don’t think I got it – the connection between productivity and the way I worked, the way I viewed my time and my commitments. I did understand on some level that managing my time, directing my energy and promoting a positive attitude…

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Are You Creating Your Own Stress with Clutter

Are You Creating Your Own Stress with Clutter?

Chances are, you’re stressed out, overwhelmed, over-worked and with too much to do with not enough time to do it! Sound familiar? Clutter is usually the underlying threat to those types of symptoms. I’m not talking about the type of clutter you see on the hit TV show Hoarders. I’m talking about the clutter of… a disorganized office hundreds or…

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Satisfaction Guaranteed in SC

Last week my work took me to a level I’m not sure I had truly ever reached before; it was one of those powerful experiences I am delighted to share.  I traveled 4 hours east of Atlanta to a client in South Carolina.  I went into this office believing I could really help them, although not quite visualizing how.  But…

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leap day

An Extra 24 Hours

For all of you out there that go to the place of “There is not enough time in my day…” or “There are just not enough days in the week…” or “What I would only do with one more day…” – WELL, HERE IT IS! This Wednesday, February 29th is actually that day we have all been wishing for, waiting…

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